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Foreign Currency Exchange made simple. 

Get direct access to market-leading exchange rates, fast international payments and easy-to-use, state-of-the-art platforms for all your treasury needs. 

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Transfer money around the world with ease. 

Execute Spot FX transactions and make international payments overseas 24/7 on our easy-to-use platform.
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Get expert advice to save time and money on international payments and manage foreign currency risk, giving you more to run your business. 
FX Spot 

Make a one-off transfer as soon as possible using the current exchange rates. 

FX Forwards

Lock in a great exchange rate today for a future transfer, fixed for up to a year to avoid the market moving against you. 

FX Swaps

A combination of a Spot and Forward to create a hedge for risk management purposes. 

Limit Orders

Preselect a desired exchange rate, once reached we will facilitate your transaction as required, giving you complete control. 

And many more tailored FX Options
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Use our platform to send money globally 24/7 in  a variety of different currencies with great exchange rates and fast payments. 

Buying or selling property overseas

Regularly transferring savings or pensions to live on

Sending money to relatives or friends who live abroad


Seaside Villa

Save money when buying that
dream property overseas

Let us take the stress out of making an international payment. No more paying unnecessary large bank fees, let's brighten up that dream for you and pay it the pronto way, today. 

Our Services

Foreign Exchange

Market leading exchange rates, self serve platform, easy to use for all your business and personal FX needs. 

International Transfers

Fast and reliable international transfers in over 140 different currencies. 

Travel money 

Our currency card gives you access to market leading exchange rates, giving you more to spend on the important stuff. 


Access bank-busting rates with a highly tailored personal approach. 

Our mission is to make the process of overseas transactions as easy and quick as possible, whilst meeting your every need.

About Pronto Swap 

We pride ourselves on being 

Save money by accessing our market-leading exchange rates and low fees on transfers. 


Make same day transfers thanks to our access to the UPS - UK's Faster Payment Scheme. 

Have full peace of mind as our payment providers are fully FCA and HMRC regulated. 




Lets Talk about how pronto can help you 

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